Your Website Needs To Be More Than An Online Business Card.

Want to know the secret to creating real growth in your bowling center?

It's not spending tons of money on advertising. It's not blindly running facebook or google ads. And it's definitely not being paralyzed by uncertainty hoping and praying people will come into your center.

So what is the answer?

Creating relationships with people before and after they visit your center.

And that's exactly what our Bowling Automated Marketing Machine (BAMM™) does for your bowling center.

What your bowling center needs is...

  • A mobile responsive custom website that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) - it is not just a good-looking website, it is built to turn website visitors into paying customers.
  • A digital coupon offer that builds an active database of your best customers - give your bottom line a boost with a flow of new customers into your doors every week.
  • Automated review generator that not only filters people who have had a bad experience in your center preventing most negative reviews from being posted online but actively encourages people who have a great experience in your center to tell others on the social media platforms of your choice!
  • Weekly emails promoting your bowling center and events that actually get opened and read by your best customers - the easiest way to make more money is to get existing customers to spend money in your center more often.
  • Online employment application to help you find great staff members to join your team.
  • League interest forms where website visitors can request more information on your bowling leagues.
  • Online registration page for your youth bowling program helping you grow your youth program creating future adult league bowlers by default!
  • Text messaging to your database

Bowling Automated Marketing Machine™

Set up fee: $997

Monthly Fee:

  • $249/month (up to 4999 contacts)
  • $299/month (over 5000 contacts)

Text Messages: 6 cents per text

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