Podcast – Grow Bowling 365

Episode 005 – Interview with USBC Lane Certification Specialist Samuel Guy

February 5, 2019

On today's podcast we interview Samuel Guy. Samuel is one of the lane certification specialists at the United States Bowling Congress and we discuss the who, what, when, where, and why of lane certification. It's always good to know where we've been, where we are, and where we're going as a sport.

Samuel Guy can be reached at: Samuel.guy@bowl.com or at certifications@bowl.com or on the phone at 800-514-BOWL extension 8385

Episode 004 – Interview with P.F. Chang’s Tom Frank, Culture Engineering

January 8, 2019

Today's podcast features Tom Frank. Tom is one of the original founders of the immensely successful P.F. Changs China Bistro. Everyone is talking about company culture, but Tom actually shows businesses how to create it from the ground up. Mark and Tom talk about how bowling centers can apply the same concepts Tom has implemented in hundreds of businesses around the country. He calls it "Culture Engineering" and it can help you make running your bowling center a whole lot easier while adding tons of dollars to your bottom line.

Tom Frank can be reached at you can email him at tom@roundworldmanagement.com or on LinkedIn. You can visit Tom's website at www.roundworldmanagement.com

Episode 003 – Interview with FetchRev’s Mike Carillo, Marketing Automation for Bowling Centers

December 18, 2018

Today's podcast features FetchRev's Mike Carillo. FetchRev is a company dedicated to helping bowling centers generate actual dollars through online resources. Mike and I talk about the death of email newsletters and what bowling centers need to do to replace them with marketing that actually puts dollars in your cash registers, the power of wifi data collection, and how to leverage other people and their expertise to make more money in your bowling center.

If you're struggling to put together a coherent digital marketing plan for your bowling center, you'll want to listen to this episode with a pen and note pad because there is a ton of actionable advice you can use right now to grow bowling in your center. If you would like to contact today's guest, Mike Carillo, you can email him at mike@fetchrev.com. You can visit FetchRev's website at www.fetchrev.com

Episode 002 – Interview with Fun Advisor’s Peter Starkel, Bowling Modernization Expert

December 11, 2018

Peter Starkel has been revolutionizing the bowling industry for over 20 years. He caused a stir in the industry when he spoke about the FEC shift in bowling at Bowl Expo back in 2012. Now he works growing bowling through his company, Fun Advisors.

In this episode, we talk about what motivates guests to come bowling and how to provide the experience they are really looking for. We talk about how to find your best employees, even in this tight labor market, and the basics of creating company culture in your bowling center that attracts great employees. You’ll also learn about the variety of pricing models in the bowling industry and much more.

Peter Starkel can be reached at:


Phone: 888-486-0800

Episode 001 – Interview with ebowl.biz’s Carey Tosello, Bowling’s Digital Marketing Expert

December 2, 2018

Carey Tosello has worked at just about every level of bowling. From his humble beginning bussing tables in his family’s bowling center to becoming one of bowling’s digital marketing leaders, Carey is bringing cutting edge technology to the bowling industry to help operators maximize their marketing impact through digital marketing with his company ebowl.biz.

In this episode, we talk about how bowling centers can effectively use Facebook to grow your business by creating the right kind of posts at the right time, how to target your message to the right customer, and how to make your bowling center more visible in your customers mind. We also discuss reputation management where Carey give practical advice on how to stay on top of your bowling center’s online reviews.

Episode 000 – Introduction to Grow Bowling 365

December 1, 2018

This episode is an introduction to the Grow Bowling 365 Podcast. The host Mark Bares gives the who, what, why, and where of the Grow Bowling 365 Podcast. The ideas, tools, and structure of how each episode will be done and when to expect new episodes. This podcast shares the newest ideas and trends to help bowling center owners, proprietors, and managers run a more profitable bowling center.