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Mark Bares
Host of Grow Bowling 365

about Mark Bares

In 2010, Mark Bares took over the family business - a restaurant, bar, banquet hall, and bowling center. Mark rapidly grew revenue by over 40 percent, but all success created a management nightmare. Raising eight kids, running a growing business, and dealing with constant staffing issues almost became too much for him to handle. That all changed in 2014. Mark created a customer service training system that revolutionized his company culture and allowed him to work on his business rather than just in his business.

Now, Mark not only has more time than ever to spend with his wife and kids, he gets to do something else he really loves - helping bowling centers grow their businesses while having a life outside of the bowling alley.

Mark is the author of Five In A Row: How To Create 5 Star Reviews and Massive Profits In Your Bowling Center. He's also the creator of the incredibly successful Summer BowlPass program which is being used by bowling centers across the United States to create massive profits in their bowling centers.

For business opportunities and speaking engagements, you can reach Mark Bares at

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